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May. 8th, 2008

Pages... 93-102

Wow, it's been a while since I updated, so now I'm updating in bulk!

I was sooo happy to reach page 100!  Feels like I've done so many strips and have so many yet to do.  My hard drive crashed last week and for some reason it made me even more determined to draw the rest of Why Me.  Maybe because I've lost everything before page 94.  Now I'm going to back everything up, which is something I highly recomend you all do!

The story line is getting kind of sad.  Dee will spend some time moping.  Lucinda will try and readjust to the Meanwhile (The closet realm) and eventually try for another assignment.  The Blue Fairy really means well, and she's been taking care of Lucinda for a long time.  She also has a work ethic strong as steal and is respected for it.  Lucinda respects her a lot.  Of else she might have put up more of a fight.  Though it would have been a quick battle without Lucinda's wand (which is still hanging out on the kitchen table in Dee and Vince's apartment). 

Stay tuned!  Vince's creation is up next and the return of the scissorman and Jenny Greenteeth (briefly, but we'll see more of them later). 
Any questions about the characters, plot or diologue?  Any comments?  Ask away!

Mar. 24th, 2008

Paaage 92

Sorry for the delay, I wanted to start inking blood and the art of baking.  it's great getting back to that project and you can see the first three pages on my main deviant art account- http://evelartgirl.deviantart.com

Not much to say for this page except that Vince still remains a stubborn dumbass.  When his pride is insulted he goes overboard.  Peter is trying to help in his way and Vince just doesn't get it.  Stay tuned!

Mar. 3rd, 2008

Oh Lala! finally Page 91


Ok, page 91 is finally up.  For some reason this page took me a long time to finish.  I think cause the punch line kept changing.  Also I was working on it between freelance business.  Anyway, enough excuses!  It's up!  And yes, that is a giant robot Vince is working on.  It will be a more major plot point later. 

I've been thinking of giving Vince and his creation a comic of their own that will butt up against Why Me? but focus more on their characters.  Peter will eventually go over to Vince's comic I'm thinking since he seems to have taken a liking to the mad scientist.  What do you guys think?

Oh, and I've started watching D-Gray Man.  I've only gotten about seven episodes in and I'm kind of liking it.  Mostly for the charcter designs, the story is very much like a video game.  Has anyone watched the rest?  is it worth sticking around for? 


Feb. 18th, 2008

Page 90

Man, did I watch too much Red Dwarf this weekend :P.  Or I should say listened to it since I was mostly drawing while listening to it.  I really love the series, there's nothing like bad sci fi British comedy to really perk up your day ^_^

Ok, so now on to today's page.  I really wanted to draw a flashback sequence which Lucinda was talking. It would have been a lot more interesting, but I had a lot of freelance to finish up.  So, imagine the fairy world burocracy.  Somewhere in the basement of a magical castle is the magical filing office where filing cabinets have drawers that open for miles and instantly organize themselves.  There's only two people who work there, Polly (from a very dangerous cautionery tale about fire) and Gypetto her supervisor.  They argue a lot and Polly has a tendency to curse in German.

I know I said we'd get back to Vince for the next strip but I wanted to continue with what happened to Dee and Lucinda.  For the next strip I'm keeping you all in suspence of who caught Lucinda's speech and really switching back.  See ya in a few days!
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Feb. 14th, 2008

Page 89

A rude awakening after a most pleasent kiss.  Dee's not the kind to be distracted for long in a case like this, especially since she knows something wierd's going on.  Well, something wierder than normal anyway.  Lucinda's really trying to avoid the subject but her tactics are about to backfire soon.

This weekend's a Valentine day pin up featuring the Scissor Man plus a switch back to see how Vince is doing.  Plus Jasper (Vince's reanimated creation) is trying to resolve some issues of his own.  Where would you go if you were a reanimated corpse of the wrong gender who looks like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas?  Only time will tell.

Wish me luck!  I have a job interview!

Till next time!

Feb. 13th, 2008

New Journal!

Hey hey!

Wow, I've been meaning to get an LJ account for Why Me? for a while.  Finally I managed to!

So, let me tell you a little bit about Why Me?~

Why Me? was originally an excercise in getting better at drawing with a graphics tablet so it started out pretty scratchy.  I also used a lot of found photos and other shortcuts like copy paste.  I still do a lot of copy paste but I'm tying to be better about the photos.  Also I eventually discovered a plot!  Since the comic started out as just practice, most of it was just made up as I went along.  This is still true to some extent but at least I know where things are going even if I'm never quite sure how I got there. 

the comic's now in black and white since I want to finish the pages as quickly as possible to move the story along, which is something I really like.  The faster I can do things the more flow things'll have.  I hope to be able to throw in some color pages soon.

Now let me tell you a little about me~

I work at an animal shelter full time and do a lot of part time comic work.  I just finished up Macbeth which you can view here- http://www.amazon.com/Shakespeares-Macbeth-William-Shakespeare/dp/0470097590/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1202961510&sr=8-1

Now as for the new page-


I've been looking forward to drawing that for a while!  Lucinda's being slightly manipulative here but I doubt Dee cares, however she will in another page.  I really liked drawing there lips in that second panel ;)

Thanks for reading Why Me?!
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