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Page 90

Man, did I watch too much Red Dwarf this weekend :P.  Or I should say listened to it since I was mostly drawing while listening to it.  I really love the series, there's nothing like bad sci fi British comedy to really perk up your day ^_^

Ok, so now on to today's page.  I really wanted to draw a flashback sequence which Lucinda was talking. It would have been a lot more interesting, but I had a lot of freelance to finish up.  So, imagine the fairy world burocracy.  Somewhere in the basement of a magical castle is the magical filing office where filing cabinets have drawers that open for miles and instantly organize themselves.  There's only two people who work there, Polly (from a very dangerous cautionery tale about fire) and Gypetto her supervisor.  They argue a lot and Polly has a tendency to curse in German.

I know I said we'd get back to Vince for the next strip but I wanted to continue with what happened to Dee and Lucinda.  For the next strip I'm keeping you all in suspence of who caught Lucinda's speech and really switching back.  See ya in a few days!
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We watched the entire run on netflicks.
I think that the one time we watched a 6-hour stretch of Red Dwarf might have permanently damaged us...
I think it may have permanently damaged me too! Smeggin hell!
hey, will you ever return to blood and the art of baking?
I'm hoping to redo blood and the art of baking. It was my first comic so I'm pretty attached to it. I originally stopped because I was hired to work on Macbeth, which was around the same time I started Why Me? to help with my computer drawing skills. So, look for a revamped Blood and the Art of Baking hopefully this summer. It'll be a slightly different plot, but the same characters ^_^
brilliant (: