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Oh Lala! finally Page 91


Ok, page 91 is finally up.  For some reason this page took me a long time to finish.  I think cause the punch line kept changing.  Also I was working on it between freelance business.  Anyway, enough excuses!  It's up!  And yes, that is a giant robot Vince is working on.  It will be a more major plot point later. 

I've been thinking of giving Vince and his creation a comic of their own that will butt up against Why Me? but focus more on their characters.  Peter will eventually go over to Vince's comic I'm thinking since he seems to have taken a liking to the mad scientist.  What do you guys think?

Oh, and I've started watching D-Gray Man.  I've only gotten about seven episodes in and I'm kind of liking it.  Mostly for the charcter designs, the story is very much like a video game.  Has anyone watched the rest?  is it worth sticking around for?